Although students usually don’t like to write essays, such writing assignments remain an important part of curricula. The reason is that essay writing is very useful for developing strong writing and critical-thinking skills. Students learn to write essays in school, and then they need to write more complex papers in college. For instance, every student needs to write a dissertation or thesis at some point. Thus, your ability to write academic papers on various subjects has a significant influence on your academic career. As a result, many students use various tools, such as grammar and plagiarism checkers, to improve their writing.

Using such tools, might be not enough to create a well-written essay that teachers and professors will appreciate. Quite often, students realize that their writing skills are too far from perfect or they simply don’t have enough time. In this case, the only solution is to delegate essay writing to professionals who have made writing their full-time job. Although most students don’t see buying papers online as something bad, educators keep criticizing essay writing services. They claim that buying papers online is a form of plagiarism. And if students get caught on submitting someone else’s papers as their own, the consequences can be severe.

Some Numbers To Consider

According to research, universities in the U.K. catch less than one percent of essays that were bought online. The percentage is so small because most essay writing services write original essays, and some of them can even mimic your writing style to bypass authorship verification checks.

In fact, paying professionals in order to cheat is a very common practice among students from different colleges and universities. Moreover, most students who buy their papers online are not afraid of any possible consequences. In 2017, Daily Telegraph wrote about 20,000 British students who admitted that they’ve used online writing services to buy their essays. Since then, the number of students who use custom writing services has grown. Most students use such services carefully so they don’t talk about it.

From my experience working as a freelance essay writer, writing services are more popular among international students. Especially those who aren’t native English speakers. At the same time, native English speakers and Americans, in particular, are more likely to risk buying their papers online compared to ESL students. Thus, the level of English skills has little to do with the fact that students decide to buy their papers instead of writing them.

There’s no surprise that the usage of writing services constantly grows. One of the main reasons why ESL students decide to use such websites is that they don’t get enough academic support from educational institutions. They have a hard time learning language and yet they need to write the same papers as ENL students. While educators don’t adjust their curricula to the capabilities and needs of international students

The Consequences of Getting Caught

Presenting someone else’s work as your own has always been considered academic dishonesty among educators. However, as the popularity of writing services grows, the consequences of handing in essays from writing companies become more and more serious. Universities and colleges from all over the world continue to question the legality of writing services. In some countries, governments have come up with new laws that criminalize custom essay writing and make advertising such services illegal.

For instance, Australia has recently banned the essay writing services from operating in the country. The U.K. is also considering different methods to fight contract cheating. Educators claim that academic standards suffer from plagiarism and insist that government must put an end to contract cheating.

Although all educational institutions make it clear that buying essays on the internet is academic dishonesty, not all students are aware of the possible consequences. They don’t know how handing in an essay from a writing service may influence their future. At the same time, universities and colleges put a lot of effort into catching students. Some of them use advanced plagiarism checkers to detect unoriginal papers. Even when students can avoid any legal consequences, they might still get a permanent record of cheating. In other cases, some may face revocation of course credits, or even get expelled.

The Advantages Are Worth Risking

There is a lot of plagiarism detection software, and one of the most popular apps of this type is Turnitin. Turnitin improves its algorithms all the time so it detects not only unattributed quotes but also poorly rewritten content. However, it’s still impossible to prove that you didn’t write a paper yourself if it’s 100% original and contains no plagiarism. Therefore, there’s no surprise that students keep using reliable writing services where they can order papers written by experienced professionals. The advantages of custom writing services outweigh the risk.

First of all, writing services enable students to save a lot of time, and the lack of time is one of the main reasons why students decide to use such services. Students need to write too many papers, and the deadlines are too tight. Students need to use writing services because educators leave them no other choice. Besides, papers written by professionals are often better than those written by students so students can be sure that their papers will get high grades.

Sometimes, students also decide to use writing services because they need research help. In other words, they want to better understand their subject. Professional writers usually have a great academic background. Besides, they stay up to date about anything that happens in their niche so they can quickly find relevant sources on the necessary topic. In addition, they can help students create papers with the right structure and format. If you don’t know how to approach a certain assignment, you can order a paper on the necessary topic and use it as an example. This way, you will not only get some useful sources that you can use but also understand what your paper should look like.

How To Use Writing Services Safely

Although safety still remains one of the main concerns when it comes to using essay writing services, many writing services transfer full copyright ownership of their papers to customers. If such papers are original, teachers will never be able to prove that such papers were not actually written by students. Well-written papers easily pass plagiarism checkers, and most writing services provide plagiarism reports. Besides, you can always check your papers for plagiarism before submitting them. This way, you can make sure that you won’t have any problems with your papers. No matter where you’ve got them.

To avoid any consequences of being caught cheating, you should also choose reliable writing services with a good reputation. Legit companies never disclose the personal information of their customers so you can use such services anonymously. Always read customer reviews before making an order, and make sure that these reviews are real. Scammers often post tons of fake positive feedback online, and they may even have entire fake review websites. Fake reviews usually look generic and lack any details about a particular order. Therefore, we recommend that you read reviews carefully. We also recommend that you always read your papers before submitting them. This way, you’ll be able to proofread and edit them, if necessary.