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This Privacy Policy provides the following explanations:

  1. What data is gathered by our Website and what the ways of its collection are 
  2. How our Website uses collected data
  3. How to get more information about our Website’s policy

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Our website doesn’t require anyone to provide their personal information.

However, in order to provide excellent service, some sort of anonymized information is collected. This way, our Website’s staff can improve less popular pages or track the commissions allowing our Website to operate as a free platform.

The only case when our Website collects personal data is when asking for your name and email address when submitting a review of an essay writing service. This can be done through the review submission forms hosted on our Website. 

The ways our Website collects the information:

User Feedback

Our Website gives its visitors an opportunity to submit reviews or questions about the services offering essay help listed on our Website.

Submitting user feedback means that you agree to our Terms & Conditions as well as accept this Privacy Policy.

Collection of user’s personal data

Once one leaves a review, the following personal data will be taken by our Website:

  • Name 
  • Email address

This information will be saved exactly as submitted. 

Our Website requires your email while submitting a review in order to avoid fraudulent submissions. We guarantee that your personal data will never be shared with any third-party organizations. 

We may contact you to verify your review or occasionally get in touch with you via the submitted email address to ask questions concerning the essay writing service you’ve purchased. This is the only case when your email address might be used by us. 

In case you’ve used our contact form to submit a question, your data will be used solely to send a reply to your query. 

The use and transfer of your data 

Some user reviews or questions might be posted on relevant pages of our Website. In this case, they will necessarily include the Name you’ve submitted. 

Your personal data involving your name and email address will never be used or shared under any other circumstances. 

The retention of your data 

We will store your Name and email address in our secure database for as long as your feedback is published on our Website.  

The deletion of your data

If you need your review or question to be removed from our Website as well as your name and email address deleted from our database, you can email us at with your request. 

It’s important to note that your request regarding removal must be sent from the email address that was initially submitted with your review. This will be considered as proof of authenticity.  

User Testing

From time to time we ask the visitors of our Website to participate in testing of some new Website’s features. In this case, visitors are required to give their email address through a submission form. 

Not all submitted applications are successful. The email addresses provided by applicants that were not selected will be removed from our database once the recruitment process is finished. 

Those users who have been selected to take part in testing will get instructions via email. They will be informed about how to complete the test and the reward for it. 

Until the end of our testing period, your email address will be stored securely. After that, it will be purged. 

Our staff may also inquire if you are willing to be contacted regarding participation in upcoming tests. If you agree, we will add your contact to a special email list.

Once you wish us to remove your email address from this list and delete all the information about you, please email us at

Website Analytics

We collect anonymized information about every visit to our Website. The data about every session are analyzed with the help of Google Analytics software so we have a better understanding of how people use our Website. Google Analytics is not used to collect any personal information, such as name or address. This software collects the following types of data:

  • The pages visited by you on our Website 
  • The time you spent on each page of our Website 
  • The way you access our Website 
  • What device you were using to surf the Website 
  • Your home country 
  • Your browser settings (e.g. language) 

From time to time, we may also use some third-party analytics tools that collect information about your interactions with our Website. For instance, they may analyze what you click on or what sections of the page you spend most time on. 

With the help of collected information, we can better understand the needs of our customers and as a result, enhance our service.  

All the data collected this way is anonymized and cannot be tied back to any user. Also, it’s never shared with anyone outside the team working on the Website. 


Similar to most websites, places small files commonly known as ‘cookies’ onto your computer in order to collect information about the way you browse our Website. 

In fact, cookies work to help us create a better website since they enable us to monitor which pages you find valuable and which you don’t look through. What’s more, these files allow us to earn commissions.

Please note, a cookie doesn’t provide us with access to your computer or any personal information about you. You always have a choice whether to accept or decline cookies through the settings in your browser. To learn more details about how to do this, visit

We may also allow third-party advertising or content that can use clear gifs or other forms of web beacons. This means that the third-party provider of the content can read and write Cookies to your web browser if you access their content on our Website.

Our website may implement some buttons (like Facebook “share”) that allow a third party to collect your data through their browser Cookies. This is possible even if you don’t have any interactions with the button. 

EXTERNAL LINKS contains links to other websites but it doesn’t mean that this Privacy Policy can be applied to them. If you go to another website we are linking to, read its own Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy can be updated from time to time in accordance with changes to legislation, altered practice, or enhancements to You can get aware of the updates by regularly checking this page. Although they will be added here, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you keep updated about the changes.