• WiseEssays offers generous discounts on first and repeat orders. Additionally, the company has a loyalty program that allows you to earn a life-long discount of up to 15%.
  • This is not the cheapest service, but the quality is well worth the money.
  • As soon as you receive your paper, you become its sole owner. You get author’s rights, so you can use your paper at your own discretion.


  • There are times when writers at WiseEssays fail to deliver the needed work on the first try. Usually it takes one or two revisions to get the desired result.
  • Even though my experience with WiseEssays was pleasant, the company has quite mixed reviews online. is a paper writing service that has been supporting students who need academic writing support since 2011. The team provides practical support for all the writing projects you wish to complete. The website also has some of the most affordable prices for services, plus various quality discounts. You will learn more about how well this website works in this review.

What WiseEssays Is About is a website that provides writing services to students. The website concentrates on providing professional support for the most challenging papers. It offers help from many talented writers who have been working on various projects for years.

All writers at WiseEssays are qualified professionals who have degrees in their fields, including many with Master’s degrees. The team has people who can work on everything from business to math to English. You can ask for the credentials of many of these writers if you have any further questions about who you wish to hire.

The team serves students with many services:

  • Academic writing support is available for all subjects and grade levels.
  • You can ask for dissertation help for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree. The writers at WiseEssays can work on thesis projects as well.
  • WiseEssays can help you write an admission essay or personal statement for when you’re trying to get into a specific college.
  • The workers can also produce presentations, lab reports, visual data representations, and other items for your project.
  • Editing services are also available if you have an existing project and you need extra help in finishing the work.

The writers will complete the work based on the instructions you submit. You’ll also have the right to use your paper in whatever way you see fit when the writer completes your task.

The WiseEssays website provides a section where you can look at samples of various projects the team has completed in the past. These samples will help you see how the team completes these tasks.

The team also ensures every project that works is complete and original. Every task goes through a thorough plagiarism report to highlight that your work is unique. You can ask for specific details on your paper and how it is original if you wish.

How the Ordering Process Works

You can order a paper through by using a few steps:

  1. You’ll specify the assignment type you wish to order.
  2. You will then list the grade level for the project. You can ask for a high school-level task if you wish, or you can request a Ph.D. paper.
  3. List the formatting for how you want the paper to appear. You can ask for help with the APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago standard of writing. The website also lets you specify if you want to use American or British English in your paper.
  4. List the urgency for your paper, which can range from a few hours to up to ten days. The website will list the estimated deadline for your work.
  5. Include all the details on your paper as necessary. You can submit references and files to the writer if you need to incorporate them into the project.

Can You Choose Your Writer?

WiseEssays lets you select a writer based on what you prefer the most. You can hire a preferred writer who has a higher rating on the website, but it may cost you an additional 20%. You can also request a “Top 10 Writer” in your field for an additional $6 per page. This designation goes toward writers who have more experience.

You can also request a specific writer if you have utilized the website before. You can ask that the person who completed a prior task for you can manage a second one.

What Does It Cost For Service?

You can expect to spend about $12 or more per page for an academic writing project at WiseEssays. It costs about $14 per page for a dissertation, or $30 per page for an admissions paper. These prices are based on a ten-day deadline for your project. The website will list the specific charge for your paper on its website.

It may also cost more if you’re aiming for a higher grade level. The extra cost would be necessary for when you’re trying to manage a more comprehensive project.

What Discounts Are Available?

WiseEssays has a few discounts that people can utilize when ordering services. Most of these deals require a coupon code that you can enter during the ordering process.

WiseEssays has special offers like a 20% discount for first-time buyers and 25% off for second-time customers. There are also volume-based discounts available, including a 5% off deal on papers of twenty of more pages.

The website provides a full listing of the discounts and offers available. It prefers those who are repeat customers, but it does have some quality deals for newcomers who want to hire a quality service.

Payment Options

You can use one of many payment options with WiseEssays, including major credit and debit cards. The website also accepts wire transfer services. All payment info will remain secure and anonymous, and the WiseEssays name will not appear on your bill or statement.

How Can You Access Your Paper?

Your writer will send your paper out to your email when that person is finished with the work. The website will also save your finished project on your account with the website, meaning, you can load it at any time. You can log into the portal and download the prior paper you requested at any time.

Your paper will be ready for you to read on any computer or device. You can download the file and print it from your spot, or you can send the file to another party. Whatever you choose, your file will not include any details on WiseEssays working on your task. The website keeps its data private to ensure no one will know that you were using the service for any tasks.

What If You Need Revisions?

You can request a revision to your paper within three days after its initial receipt. The writer will have up to fourteen days to respond to the revision request. The website allows people to request as many revisions as necessary, ensuring your paper will be complete and perfect at the end.

The website recommends you be as specific and thorough in your revision requests as necessary. The work is to show you recognize whatever you want out of a task at hand.

What Guarantees Are Available? provides various guarantees to all its customers. You can receive a full refund if your writer is unable to provide a full version of your paper. You may also qualify for a refund if your paper is late due to the writer’s actions.

WiseEssays also guarantees that all its papers are original. All work completed must pass general tests and ensure that all items are written appropriately and that any references are cited right.

Could Your Paper Potentially Be Cancelled?

There are some circumstances where WiseEssays may cancel your paper, although it will likely not be because of anything you were doing on the website. While the website aims to complete as many projects as possible, there are situations where the team cannot complete a task, including:

  • If the customer violates the website’s terms and conditions
  • When there are unpredictable circumstances that might make it impossible for a writer to complete the task
  • If a writer is unavailable to complete the work based on the quality level necessary and the timeframe for finishing the task

WiseEssays will let you know about the situation as soon as possible. The website will inform you of the issue soon to ensure you aren’t waiting on something that might not be made available soon enough.

How the Customer Service Department Works

WiseEssays also has a full customer service department that can resolve whatever needs you might hold. The team is very receptive to its customers, as it provides assistance for anyone who needs help. You can contact WiseEssays through a live chat feature on its website, or you can contact the toll-free phone number for support.

The team is open to answering various queries and points you have about your work. The experts are available twenty-four hours a day to answer you, plus they can follow-up on any questions you have. The team ensures every customer is satisfied and that each person is getting the support one wants.


Anyone looking for helpful paper writing services while online should see how WiseEssays can help when completing even the most thorough tasks. The service includes many solutions for all people who require high-quality papers. You can use the website in moments to order a paper. You can trust the service when looking for something that can manage papers with even the most stringent or specific demands, plus you can access your work through the site in moments.

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January 13, 2021

The paper was ok, but I think it could be much better for $120.


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