Custom writing services are extremely popular among students from all over the world. Educators, however, keep criticizing such services, and all students know that buying academic papers online is considered cheating. As a result, being caught on submitting a plagiarized paper can have very serious consequences for one’s academic career.

Fortunately, you can always choose a reliable writing service and buy original papers written from scratch that will pass plagiarism checkers. If the ethical side of this issue isn’t your main concern, there is still one thing you may worry about: Are essay writing services legal? Well, the short answer is yes. Here are some important things you should know about essay writing services.

Main Arguments For Legality of Essay Writing Companies

Most writing services emphasize that they provide papers for research purposes only. Therefore, the company doesn’t do anything wrong — it’s up to you to follow the rules or forget about them and submit the paper as your own. In this case, the company won’t be responsible for your academic dishonesty.

Reliable writing services always have sections dedicated to their terms of service and a money-back policy on the website. Terms of use describe the conditions customers should agree to before ordering papers. Whenever you buy an essay online, you agree to follow some rules.

Essay writing companies say that they simply complete orders from their customers. They don’t offer students to do assignments for them. Writing services just provide students with useful materials that can be used for further research purposes or as examples of properly formatted academic papers.

Moreover, this is the way many students actually use such services. Not everyone buys papers to cheat — students may not have enough time to do all the work alone because they’re constantly overloaded with writing assignments. Sometimes, ordering a paper on a certain topic can help you better understand it and write your own paper.

Many reliable writing services transfer ownership of their papers to customers. You agree to use your paper according to the terms of service, after all. Therefore, from a legal perspective, these companies don’t need to control what you do with these papers. You can even talk to the support team so that they can confirm that you’re the only owner of your essays.

Of course, paying for your papers is a form of cheating. However, you can only be accused of cheating if you actually get caught, which won’t happen if your papers are original. Therefore, the only real problem is the originality of papers that you buy. That is a reason why you should always choose such services carefully.

Writing services are completely legal and consistent with the law in most parts of the world. Of course, educators fight what they consider academic dishonesty. In some countries, like the UK, universities, and other academic institutions have especially aggressive policies when it comes to students who use essay writing services. However, there are no national laws that would make it illegal. So you won’t become a criminal by paying for an essay.

No matter what educators think about custom writing websites, they are legal. The main reason is that writing services claim that they simply provide sample papers and research materials. It’s up to you to decide what you’re actually going to do with such papers. But these services cannot be responsible for your actions. The issue with writing services is rather about ethics. It’s not illegal to buy papers online, but is it ethical? Educators think that it isn’t. You may either agree or disagree with them. The main thing is to keep in mind that legitimacy and legality are two different things.

Legitimacy and Legality of Writing Services

Legality is all about the law. If something is legal, it means that it doesn’t violate the law. If a company operates according to the law and doesn’t break any laws, it means that this company is legal. Therefore, most writing services are legal because there is no law that would stop you from purchasing papers online. Especially if you’re not going to put your name on them and submit them.

Legitimacy is about logical justification. No matter whether or not something is legal, people may consider it legitimate as long as society considers it acceptable. In other words, legitimacy is about the origin of your actions. For instance: why you decide to do something, what leads you to it, and whether or not you have a choice, at all. Writing services that provide high-quality papers are legitimate. However, if you’re dealing with a company that takes your money and fails to deliver your papers on time or provides useless poorly written papers, this company isn’t legitimate, and neither is it legal.

Are Essay Writing Companies Legitimate?

As we’ve already mentioned above, students usually have solid reasons to use writing services, and using them is usually completely legitimate. If you’re not sure about it, don’t hesitate to read terms of use, ethics of conduct, and other documents that can be relevant in such a context. Most legitimate writing services have many customers, and not all of them are students. For example, they can also help you get a job by writing a good resume or prepare an article for your blog. Usually, such services also offer business writing.

Such services are legal and they are familiar with the law. They simply sell various textual materials written according to their customers’ requests. Moreover, many universities don’t forbid students to pay somebody for research work, editing, or proofreading. This is an important detail, given that many students use essay writing services to simply proofread and edit their own drafts.

When students want to better understand some subjects, they can hire tutors. In the same way, you can hire a writer to help you improve your writing skills and to get some writing assistance when working on your assignments. Professionals from different areas also often pay for third-party services, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The only problem with writing services is that not all of them are reliable. There are many scammers who deliver papers of poor quality, and you should avoid such companies at all costs.

Writers who take orders and write papers according to their customers’ requirements don’t do anything illegal. Many freelance writers work for essay writing services. There are also many similar jobs. For example, there are ghostwriters. They help celebrities and other people who are not good at writing to write their books. In this case, society doesn’t see anything wrong in paying somebody for writing and then selling books with your name on them.

At the same time, the situation changes when it comes to students who don’t have enough time to write an essay. Students often get too many writing assignments but don’t have enough time to deal with them. Many students have part-time jobs because otherwise, they wouldn’t afford education. Besides, many students have kids and need to dedicate some time to their families. Educators put students in situations where students need to choose between buying papers online or failing their assignments. Obviously, students choose the first option.

The good news is that buying essays online is legal. Universities cannot make it illegal. The bad news is that universities can still implement different forms of punishment and take various disciplinary actions if you get caught submitting plagiarized papers. What does this mean for you?

Well, that’s why many writing services explicitly discourage their customers from submitting papers as their own and emphasize that these papers are for research purposes only. Besides, if you decide to break the rules and submit papers that you’ve purchased online, you must make sure to choose a reliable service that provides well-written, original papers with no plagiarism.

Final Thoughts

Although writing services are very popular, there are many misconceptions associated with them. Some people think that essay writing services help students cheat, while in fact, they often help students better understand their subject and improve their writing skills. Some people claim that writing services damage academic ethics, while in fact, such companies discourage students from cheating and have clear terms of use, indicating how exactly students should use papers that they’ve purchased on such websites.

Finally, some people say that essay writing services make students lazy, which is also not true. Many students who use such websites are talented and determined, but they need help. Educators fail to address their students’ needs so students seek help elsewhere. If you need help with your papers, you shouldn’t be concerned about the legal side of the issue. The main thing is to find a legit service with good writers that will follow your instructions and meet your deadlines.