Students typically think that there is no difference whether their paper is completed by an ENL or ESL writer. But it’s not actually true. In fact, it really matters who is doing the job. 

It’s a common mistake to believe that paying good money to someone guarantees high quality. Buying an essay from a writing service means that you should still check the information about a professional working on your task. At least, it makes sense to ask whether your writer is a native speaker because in some cases, this factor can make or break the result. 

Luckily, most top-rated paper writing services employ both ESL and ENL writers, so you always have a choice. But note that depending on an expert you pick, you’ll be charged differently. To define what type of writer you should prefer, you should analyze the pros and cons of hiring both ESL and ENL writers. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Essay Ghostwriters

❓ Do All Essay Writing Companies Offer the Services of ENL Writers?

As a matter of fact, not all companies offer the services of ENL experts. However, those that have ENL (English as a Native Language) writers in their staff usually announce it on the website. Hence, if the company doesn’t mention the information about staff on their web page, you will probably use the services of ESL writers. But anyway, you can always ask support managers if they can offer you different options. 

❓ Why Do Many Companies Not Tell What Kind of Writer Will Complete the Job?

Since most customers prefer to work with ENL writers and essay writing services are interested in getting high revenues, they might hide some information about their staff. Some assignment businesses hope that they will get more orders if their clients believe that papers are written by ESL writers. That’s probably the main reason why many companies don’t seem to be open. However, the question is “Is this secret really a problem if a completed assignment is excellent?”

❓ Does It Cost More to Hire an ENL Essay Writer?

It’s really hard to give an objective answer to this question because there is a significant difference in rates of various companies represented on the market. However, it’s possible to approximately identify this gap. As assumed, the services of ENL experts are 30-50% more expensive than those of an ESL writer. 

❓ Do ENL Writers Always Provide Work of Better Quality?

Unfortunately, an ENL professional is not a 100% guarantee of high quality. In fact, working with an ENL writer doesn’t ensure great outcomes. Despite the fact that most ENL writers are proficient in English, some of them still lack the skills to create an exceptional piece of writing. 

❓ Where to Look For ENL and ESL Professionals?

Probably, the most reliable way to hire an ENL or ESL writer is to turn to an essay writing company. Such agencies can be considered as mediators that employ writers and carry the responsibility for the results of their work. So eventually, you are more likely to get a flawless paper. 

In case you don’t like the approach mentioned above, you can use freelance platforms for your search. But you must realize that it’s not the safest way to hire a professional for academic work. 

Lastly, you can check the recommendations on Reddit since many students share helpful contacts on this platform. 

❓ What to Expect When Searching For Essay Writers on Reddit?

You can find answers to almost any question on Reddit as so many people generously share valuable information there. Thus, if you are looking for a top-notch essay service there, you are likely to find it. But you should be careful because some Reddit users may pretend to be experts, so always check if their profile is not fake and whether they have a good reputation. 

❓ When Is It Necessary to Hire an ESL Writer?

In case you are on a budget and can’t spend much money on writing services, hiring an ESL (English as a Second Language) writer can be a great solution for you.

❓ What Countries Offer the Best Services Provided by ESL Writers?

Some of the most popular countries where you can find great ESL writers are Kenya, the Philippines, Pakistan, and India.

❓ Why Do Students Prefer to Hire Kenyan Essay Writers?

Probably, because of the fact that the socioeconomic situation in Kenya is unsatisfactory, there are a lot of hard-working people who diligently master their writing skills. 

Key Advantages of Using the Services of ESL Writers

  • ESL writers typically have lower rates, which means that hiring them is nearly 40-50% less expensive. 
  • People say that ESL writers are more diligent and more likely to revise a paper if needed. 
  • Since the competition is quite severe, ESL writers are more motivated to do in-depth research and drive better results. 

Key Advantages of Using the Services of ENL Writers

  • ENL writers can guarantee that your paper will be free of grammar mistakes so you won’t get in trouble because of numerous errors.
  • According to the statistics, ENL experts perform better and deliver assignments of higher quality than those done by ESL writers.

Wrapping Up

Taking into account all the advantages of ENL and ESL writers, you shouldn’t worry too much about which one to choose. Both of them have some strong points as well as some areas of improvement.  While ESL writers are more prone to thoroughly research the topic and revise the work, ENL writers can deliver a paper that is free of grammar mistakes. So you should hire a writer depending on what is more important for you. But note that no matter what kind of professional you are going to choose, it’s more preferable to use reliable essay writing services as they guarantee high quality.

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