Argumentative essays give you a chance to express your opinion about a trending or exciting topic, and having the opportunity to pick your argumentative essay topic is an immense privilege. In most cases, you’ll be guided by your teacher or professor to select relevant topics to the subject you’re currently studying. However, you’ll still get a chance to pick a particular point to put under the spotlight. 

Interesting argumentative essay topics should be original and exciting, so readers will be happy to spend time reading your assignment. This is why you need to make sure that you’re choosing something that would keep the reader’s engaged, so they can read your assignment till the end. 

Nevertheless, choosing an excellent argumentative essay topic isn’t always the easiest task. Although there are several ideas to choose from, some might not offer room for further discussion or are too common. In this article, we’ll list some of the most interesting argumentative essay topic ideas that you can consider for your upcoming essay. We’ll also explain a few tips that you should consider while choosing the topic of your next task. 

50 Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

With lots of hardworking students, your main job would be to come up with an original and unique topic that can help you stand out among tens or hundreds of students. You also need to do all the necessary research, making sure that you can provide an original essay that keeps readers interested till the end. 

Most people choose topics that interest them personally, which will help them research better and write more. However, you can also pick a topic that is related to a current trending topic that you can personally relate to. 

The following argumentative essay topic ideas are versatile, so you should pick something that is relevant to the academic discipline you’re studying. At the same time, you should work on finding appropriate resources, so you can prove to your professor that you know what you’re talking about. 

Fun and Comedy

Education can still be fun, and you have a chance to write an impressive argumentative essay based on a fun and exciting idea. School and college students are interested in fun shows and pranks, so it might be a good idea to take your love for fun and comedy and turn it into something productive. Here are some fun topics to consider for your upcoming task. 

  1. Funny cat videos – why do they go viral?
  2. What is the best way to get away with a lie?
  3. Why are clowns frightening?
  4. How would life be different if animals ruled the world?
  5. What will happen if teens took over the family’s credit cards?
  6. Why are people interested in watching prank videos?
  7. Do standup comedians go too far during their shows?
  8. Things that your parents never told you about college life.
  9. What are the worst jobs?
  10. How do dog kisses actually feel like?
  11. What does it feel like to be a puppet for one day?
  12. Why do people like to watch others fall?
  13. What girls wish guys knew.
  14. Why should you get paid for being a good gamer?
  15. What guys wish girls knew. 


Sports represent an exciting topic that attracts millions of people. If you’re studying a subject related to sports, you can find a variety of fantastic essay ideas that you can explore in your upcoming assignment. You just need to make sure that you have access to resources that allow you to have enough information about the points you’re discussing, guaranteeing that your argumentative essay will keep your readers entertained. Here are some interesting sport-related topic ideas. 

  1. Is cheerleading a real sport? How are cheerleaders portrayed in media?
  2. How do ads affect sports events and viewers?
  3. Is betting on sports events ethical?
  4. How seriously are institutions paying attention to athletes’ mental and emotional well-being?
  5. Body dysmorphic disorder among athletes- how serious is it?
  6. Do colleges spend too much money on sports programs and athletes?
  7. How do athletes manage to achieve good grades? Are schools supporting athletes?
  8. How ethical are animal-related sports? Should they be banned?
  9. Equality between male and female athletes. 
  10. Are boxing and wrestling too dangerous? Should they be banned?
  11. Hunting animals for sport – should it be stopped?
  12. Are all athletes paid fairly? – a study about the enormous income provided to some of the biggest names. 
  13. Are female athletes being objectified?
  14. Did baseball lose its glamor?
  15. Should parents interfere with their kids’ choice of sports?


There’s a lot that we can learn from history, and writing an argumentative essay gives you an opportunity to express your own opinion about a topic that was studied by several scholars. Although you’re talking about a famous topic, you can come up with a unique idea that no one has ever tackled before, given all the information that you have today. Here are some cool history-related ideas to think about. 

  1. Did ancient cultures communicate and share knowledge?
  2. Were ancient people taught by aliens?
  3. How did the British impact American culture?
  4. Different political views in the 18th century, and how do they impact our present?
  5. Was slavery the real reason behind the Civil War?
  6. How did the Native Americans react to the colonists?
  7. What is the historical proof behind the Great Flood?
  8. How did the Ancient Egyptian civilization affect other cultures?
  9. Why was the USA called the land of opportunity?
  10. How did the Chinese and Indian cultures affect life in Europe in the Middle Ages?
  11. How did England become the pioneer of the Industrial Revolution?
  12. Did the Crusades achieve their goal?
  13. How was writing invented?
  14. Soldiers from India who fought for Britain in World War I.
  15. Where was Alexander the Great buried?

Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media is occupying much of everyone’s life and attention. People spend too much updating their different social media profiles and creating content for multiple platforms, so it makes sense that social media represents a gold mine if you’re looking for controversial argumentative essay topic ideas. Here are some ideas that you can think about. 

  1. When should children and teens be granted access to social media?
  2. How is social media affecting beauty trends?
  3. Is social media affecting people positively or negatively?
  4. Cyberbullying – what is the best way to fight it?
  5. How is social media affecting personal and family relationships?
  6. How are memes becoming viral?
  7. Twitter and politics – How far can it affect political life?
  8. What to do if you become part of a meme?
  9. What is the effect of social media challenges on young people?
  10. Are we really monitored on social media?
  11. Which social media platform has the most significant effect on followers?
  12. How fast do international social media trends travel?
  13. How do people make money off the internet?
  14. Are YouTubers responsible for the comments their fans post?
  15. How often do people check their social media accounts?

How to Come Up With an Effective Argumentative Essay Topic?

Paying attention to your argumentative essay topic idea will help you show what you’re made of. It’s your chance to show your true potential, so you can receive credit for your work. Most students get overwhelmed when they’re given an opportunity to choose their argumentative essay topic idea. However, it’s so much better than being assigned a topic that you know nothing about. 

So, how can you choose the right topic idea? Unless you’re assigned a specific topic, the sky will be the limit. There are amazing ideas that you can choose from, and they will give you the chance to write an interesting essay. Here are some tips to help you.  

Pick a Controversial Topic

The topic you choose should be something that interests your target audience. Think of something that your readers will be interested in knowing. You should be able to do extensive research to offer them a new insight into something that they don’t know. This will make people eager to read your essay till the end. Moreover, you should make sure that the topic interests you personally. Writing an argumentative essay isn’t the easiest task, and it becomes more challenging if you can’t relate to the topic or if you find it boring. 

Avoid Topics that are Too Wide

Focus on a single point that might interest your readers. When you pick a topic that is too wide, it will be difficult to write about, and you might get overwhelmed while doing your research. At the same time, readers will feel lost because they won’ be able to understand what you’re trying to prove or discuss. Readers will appreciate reading an essay that adds to their knowledge. 

 Use Facts to Support your Opinion

Although you’re picking a controversial topic, your essay won’t be successful unless you’re using pieces of evidence to support your opinion. The right facts will help you make a good argument that makes your essay worth reading. Make sure that you’re using reliable resources to find the right piece of evidence. 

Be Objective

Try not to write about a topic that you have too many strong feelings towards, as this will eventually affect the quality of your writing. You should pick a subject that touches you personally but shouldn’t be too sensitive as it might offend some of your readers. Start by stating the correct essay statement that should tempt your readers to read the rest of your assignment. 

Wrap Up

Argumentative essays are interesting assignments but picking the right topic can be a little tricky. There are lots of cool ideas that you can choose from, as long as you’re sticking to the main topic assigned by your teacher or professor. Do some research and pick an idea that will interest your readers, and make sure that you support your opinion with the right piece of evidence.  

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