Looking for some informative essay topic ideas? We came up with 115+ informative writing topics for you! Students in colleges, students in middle schools, and students in high schools, are told to do an informative paper write-up. And they are given a list of topics to choose from. It is not difficult to write one. It is hard to do it when topics they know nothing about is what they pick to write about.

Topics for informative essays are not to be picked randomly. Procedures should be followed before selecting an appropriate topic. Before we mention these steps, do you know what an informative essay is and how many types there are?

What an Informative Essay Actually Is?

Is a type of writing that give more relevant information on a thing or topic? Its main goal is to provide detail to readers. Arguments and personal opinions are not included in it since it is written to educate a person.

Informative Essay Structure

An informative essay has three parts. A beginning that usually has a strong thesis statement is called the introduction, a body that contains the main content (main body paragraphs), and a conclusion. These parts are further divided.

1️⃣ The beginning

  • Hook
  • Broad detail about the topic
  • Statement that is supported by arguments

2️⃣ The main content

  • Topic line related to the introduction
  • An idea that is controlling
  • Details supporting the idea
  • Sentences summarizing everything mentioned

 3️⃣ The conclusion

  • An introduction that is stated again
  • Summary of key points
  • End

Types of Informative Essays

Informational essay topics can be broadly grouped into five types. They are:

  1. Cause-and-effect essay: This talks about the association that exits between things. An example, “The relationship between a good diet and healthy living.”
  1. Descriptive essay: This type tries to give more details by describing an event or something that has happened. It makes use of imagery to entertain its readers. “An exciting evening during summer camp,” is one example.
  1. Process essay: It provides the details that are needed to get a task done. This type of writing gives tips in a form of tutorials and procedural steps; “How to make a crotchet bag.”
  1. Compare and contrast essay: This states the differences and similarities between things that share a relationship. It highlights the positivity and setbacks of one thing by comparing it with another similar thing. A topic: “Is remote education better than physical education”
  1. Problem-solution essay: This discusses a problem and outlines ways to solving the problem. A sample topic is, “Different methods to eradicating poverty.”

Good Informative Essay Ideas of Each Type

Below you will find plenty of informative essay topic ideas for cause-and-effect, descriptive, process, compare and contrast and problem-solution essays.

Cause and Effect Informative Essay Topics

  1. What is the reason for the high unemployment rate in Third-world countries?
  2. What negative effects will divorce do to a female child?
  3. Why should children live with their grandparents?
  4. What relationship does technology have with education?
  5. What are the environmental effects of pollution in society?
  6. What is the association between international relations and globalization?
  7. Why should you take drugs?
  8. What are the causes of depression in young parents?
  9. What is the connection between poverty and mental anxiety
  10. How has feminism affected the modern world?

Descriptive Informative Essay Topics

  1. How did I get over my anxiety?
  2. My secret hideout
  3. Secrets to overcoming fear
  4. Words that changed me
  5. My fondest memories
  6. My best time
  7. The hour I grew up
  8. My secret skill
  9. The best birthday experiences
  10. An incredible night in the cinema
  11. An exciting evening in summer camp
  12. The best day
  13. An event that influenced me
  14. A personal misplacement
  15. The first words I said

Informative Process Essay Topics

  1. How to prepare a perfect mac and cheese
  2. How to boil water properly
  3. How to get a reliable essay writing service
  4. How to make natural coconut oil
  5. How to start a make-up tutorial
  6. How to wash a car
  7. How to wash my dog
  8. How to get rid of permanent stains on a child’s clothes
  9. How to lose arm fat
  10. How to reduce of belly fat
  11. How to cook a bagel
  12. How to make perfect cakes
  13. How to keep a good friendship
  14. How to find a best friend
  15. How to fall asleep early

Compare-And-Contrast Informative Essay Topics

  1. High school life vs college life
  2. Video games or mobile games?
  3. Similarities between British English and American English
  4. Remote education or physical learning?
  5. Rural life or city life?
  6. Green tea or Lipton tea: which has more benefits?
  7. Authoritarian or democratic rule?
  8. Xbox or PlayStation?
  9. Hip-hop vs soul music
  10. Energy drink or soft drink

Problem-Solution Essay Topics

  1. How to eradicate poverty in Third-world countries
  2. How to stop tax evasion in America
  3. How to reduce radiation effect
  4. Global warming effect and how to stop it
  5. How to end drug use among teenagers
  6. Teenage pregnancy and its causes
  7. Illegal immigration and control
  8. How to put an end to societal stigmatization

Interesting Informative Essay Topics for College, High School & Middle School Students

They are suitable under descriptive informative essay or process informative essay. Their topics will improve descriptive skills and assist in retaining ideas behind the creation of things. Students in colleges can choose from any informative type. Students in high schools can select from descriptive, problem-solution, or compare-and-contrast.

Informative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Starvation in Latin America
  2. Global poverty
  3. Violence in colleges and how to solve them
  4. How did COVID-19 improve remote learning?
  5. Rest and mental health
  6. Cold War; its reason and outcome
  7. The reason for students’ increasing stress rate
  8. Benefits of college education in a person’s life?
  9. Political division in Third-World countries
  10. Modern democracy and the French Revolution
  11. Mental disorders and stigmatization
  12. Pre colonial Africa
  13. America and its child labor laws
  14. Cryptocurrency and its future effect
  15. The background story of Europe’s monarchy

Informative Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Legalization of armed weapons
  2. Climatic change
  3. Increased assignments of students
  4. Culture and diversity
  5. Consequences of earthquakes
  6. Eating disorders
  7. The youngest billionaires worldwide
  8. The struggle for Black Lives Matter movement?
  9. Importance of studying
  10. Role of mobile games in students’ lives
  11. Little kids and their phobia
  12. Consequences of illegal immigration
  13. Steps to ending bullying in high school
  14. The impact of World War Two
  15. Reasons why peer pressure still exists

Easy Informative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  1. How my best friend and I met
  2. My best relative
  3. Who introduced school uniforms?
  4. Colors and their control over your mood
  5. Middle school life
  6. Health
  7. Stress
  8. Unique vitamins in fruits
  9. How to prepare Pizza
  10. A walk to remember
  11. The bad side of video games
  12. How to avoid strangers
  13. Secret ingredient to making Pizza
  14. The significance of National parks
  15. My journey to Coney Island

General Topics for Informative Essays

Informative essay ideas have social, environmental, and economic roots. Here are ideas to use:

  1. War in Ukraine
  2. College stress
  3. Rape
  4. Anorexia
  5. Depression
  6. Covid-19
  7. Environmental sanitation
  8. Violence In video games
  9. Bullying
  10. Internet scam
  11. Pregnancy
  12. Poverty
  13. Feminism
  14. Immigration
  15. Teenage violence

Steps to Choose a Good Informative Essay Topic

The things to know before you pick a topic first are:

📌 The Selected Topic Must Be Relevant: It must be a topic anyone will relate to. Do not pick an out-of-date topic no one will be able to understand.

📌 Have A Full Knowledge of The Topic: You have to get enough information about the topic. What does it talk about? What does it focus on? What is its main content?

📌 Consider Your Audience: Another important factor is to consider your readers. Are your words for the right people? Will they understand your essay? Are they interested in the topic? Know more about your audience and select a topic with while thinking of them.

📌 Carry Out a Research: Your words must be backed up by a trustworthy source. To ensure this happens, research must be carried out.

📌 Write: After the research has been done, jot the key points down and begin writing. The informative writing must be done in the correct format.

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